Double Skin Facades - US Examples - Seattle Justice Center

The Seattle Justice Center was completed in 2002. Designed by NBBJ Seattle, this is the second US example of a naturally vented double skin facade. This project attained LEED Silver rating. The LBNL Report has a complete power point by NBBJ architect Kerry Heegedus. This is a pretty good summary of the process required to get this type of facade built. The key points that Hegedus makes are that they were dealing with an "educated" client.
"Our mayor, former mayor, Paul Schell, was formerly the dean of architecture at the University of Washington. One of our clients was an architect, which also helped. In terms of design and aesthetics...." - Kerry Hegedus, LBNL Workshop.

This seems to be one of the more important points that allowed this project to happen. The other thing to note is the intersection of the concept of "transparency" of government.

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