Double Skin Facades - Canadian Examples - Manitoba Hydro

Manitoba Hydro Headquarters - 2008 Scheduled Completion
Winnipeg, Manitoba
Approx. 695,000 sf
Architect: KPMB

This is probably the most interesting North American high performance project under way. Coupled with the Transsolar Energietecknik GMBH of Stuttgart, Germany, this project pushes the technical design aspects of a high performance project beyond any ssen in the US to date. There is an excellent supply of information available both on Manitoba Hydro's website, and on consulting engineer's AEI's web site. This Leed Gold project is a great example of whole building environmental design.

AEI's site shows wall sections, which include the extension of the floor slab to create the cavity for the double skin. This is a technique I have been interested in, but we will have to see how the performance plays out with the possibility of thermal transfer through the slab.

We will also wait to see if some of the solar control automation suffers from some of the same fate that the Occidental building suffered from.

There are some excellent Power Point shows that can be found here:
Canadian Standards Association Conference 2007

and here:

Manitoba Hydro's PR
This is a pretty nice flash presentation by KPMB partner
Bruce Kawabara.

Thanks to our friend Danny, who's building the curtain wall, on this one.

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