Double Skin Facades - Canadian Examples - Telus

Telus William Farrell Building - (Original Construction 1947) Renovation 2000
Vancouver, BC
Approx. 130,000 sf
Architect: Busby + Associates

Two things distinguish this project. This was the first double skin wall constructed in Canada and it is a renovation of a building that originally constructed in 1947. As part of a larger sustainable strategy, in lieu of tear down and rebuilding, the architects chose to reuse and enhance the efficiency of the existing structure. Once again the theme of glazing as an aesthetic choice dominated the decision making process. The addition of the second skin effectively transforms the vintage facade into a contemporary icon.

Terry Boake's site has some good photos of the building. An interesting Underfloor Air study can be found at Berkley's site. Advanced has a good summary of the project and systems. And some good diagrams of how the wall operates were found here :


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i am an architectural student from india. my name is sai.
i am doing a dessertation on building skins. if you have information about its history can you please send it.
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Anonymous said...

my name is Tanya, and i'm an architecture student as well. I'm working on a project dilling with adding a skin to an three neighbouring existing buildings. If you have any good examples, and espacially technical details I'll be more than happy if you send them to me.