New York Times - Daylight Control

“On the 51-story tower façade, low-iron, water-white, double-pane spectrally selective glass forms the inner wall of the façade…”

“The New York Times selected a design that codified its philosophy of a "transparent" organization and one dedicated to creating a high quality work environment for their employees. The exterior of the building was proposed as a transparent floor-to-ceiling, all-glass façade that encouraged openness and communication with the external world.”

Central to the NY Times headquarters project was the desire to share what was learned and move the market toward cost effective daylighting strategies.

This is the link to a new website by Lawrence Berkley Labs recording the evaluation and field testing of the daylighting component of the NY Times project.

And be sure to read the article by David Thurm, NY Times CIO and client team leader of the HQ project, from “Harvard Business Review” titled:

Master of the House: Why a Company Should Take Control of Its Building Projects

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